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Science Year 9 workbook
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Science 9 WorkbookThe Science 9 Workbook is based around a set of specific learning objectives for content knowledge, in line with the achievement objectives for science in the new curriculum. Its theory exercises, practicals, revision tasks and quizzes are all aimed at helping students understand this core content.

Theory exercises 
The 134 theory exercises have been completely revised to help students grasp the core content for Year 9 Science. The exercises and answers have A, M, and E labels and judgement statements to give students practice in NCEA assessment technique.

Science is a practical subject, and the Science 9 Workbook contains 75 practicals. Each practical is followed by a ‘Thinking about it’ section that links the practical work with the theory being taught elsewhere.

Revision tasks and quizzes 
The CD in the Science 9 Workbook contains 184 computer revision tasks to help students master the large body of knowledge needed for junior science, so they can start making links and doing higher level thinking. The 102 classroom quizzes provide motivation for students to do the revision tasks, and they review the previous lesson’s work, helping knowledge move from short-term to long-term memory.

Teacher resources on the CD 
These include an electronic version of the text for use with data projectors, answers to all theory exercises, answers to the practicals, technician’s instructions for the practicals, the Quiz file and a Workbook Map that provides student learning objectives for each section of the course, broken into sub-sections to make it easy for teachers to rearrange the material to suit their existing programmes.

Science Year 9 workbook

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