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Nature of Science  Book 2
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Nature of Science Book 2

The Nature of Science - Winner! 

2010 CLL Educational Publishing Awards - Best Book or Series in Secondary Publishing

The Nature of Science series introduces students to what science is, and what scientists do. 

Working through the major contexts for study, in particular the interacting systems and processes that govern life on planet Earth, students will develop the scientific skills, values and attitudes that they need for life in our modern, increasingly technological and science-driven society. They will carry out their own investigations, learn how to communicate their findings, and see how to link scientific ideas with everyday decisions and actions. 

Every chapter begins with an outline of learning objectives, covering Understanding about science, Investigating in science, and Communicating in science. Every chapter includes several 'Science in action' sections that show fascinating aspects of the applications and history of science. And every chapter concludes with thought-provoking Topic reviews and a full suite of Practical activities. 

Suitable for students working at Level 4/5 of the Science Curriculum (Years 9 and 10)

The Living World 
The Material World 
The Physical World 
Planet Earth and Beyond 
and, of course, The Nature of Science! 


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