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Pearson Mathematics 1 - Independent Activity Cards Set 1: Stages 0-1 (2e)
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Pearson Mathematics is changing the way Mathematics is taught in New Zealand schools

Written by New Zealand Mathematics Specialist Charlotte Wilkinson, Pearson Mathematics provides a whole-school print and online programme incorporating all strands of the New Zealand curriculum.

Level 1 Independent Activity Cards

  • An integral part of the Pearson Mathematics approach is the ability for students to develop the ability to work independently on Mathematics problems. The Level 1 Independent Activity Cards enable the teacher to interact with the individual student then, over the course of the series, the teacher can step back and let the student work on their own.
  • The laminated (wipe-clean) cards provide more than 280 activities for children at each of the six developmental stages of early arithmetic learning. 
  • Answers to all activity questions are provided in the Teachers’ Guide along with links to the curriculum.

Independent Activity Cards Level 1 Set 1 (40 double-sided cards)

In building their concepts of Number at Level 1 of the Mathematics & Statistics Curriculum, children normally pass through six developmental stages: from being unable to count at all, to solving addition and subtraction problems efficiently using basic facts. The components of Pearson Mathematics Level 1 - Set 1 are for children working on Stages 0 to 1. This programme particularly emphasises Number, but also gives attention to the other strands of Mathematics.



Pearson Mathematics 1 - Independent Activity Cards Set 1: Stages 0-1 (2e)

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Age: 5

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