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Alpha Mathematics (2e)
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Alpha Mathematics (2e)

This edition of Alpha Mathematics has been completely revised to meet the requirements of Level Four Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum:

  • The content has been arranged to match the three curriculum strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics.
  • In the Number section, there is a focus on the Numeracy Project, and a completely new chapter on basic Financial Literacy has been added.
  • In the Measurement section there are many fresh questions, involving charts, timetables, and the like. Alpha Mathematics is rich in cross-curriculum applications, all grounded in the New Zealand context.
  • The four large Statistics chapters feature coverage of the Statistical Enquiry Cycle (PPDAC), as well as material on interpreting reports that encourages statistical literacy.

Alpha Mathematics 2e takes maximum advantage of a full-colour design to make it easy to navigate through the book and follow the mathematical ideas. Thousands of colourful diagrams, photos, cartoons, tags and icons are incorporated within its hundreds of short, focused exercises to help bring the mathematics to life and keep students interested, while topics are revisited through the book to reinforce learning. Hundreds of additional puzzles and investigations are included for more able students and fast finishers.

Alpha Mathematics 2e has been produced to fit a variety of learning approaches. In many cases appropriate technology can be used: Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), spreadsheets, and ordinary scientific calculators.

This textbook can be used alongside the other elements of the Alpha Mathematics package:

  • the Alpha Mathematics Workbook – a write-on publication for student use at home or in class.
  • the Alpha Mathematics CD – part of the Workbook, featuring PowerPoint® worked examples, data sets, spreadsheets, and LiveMathTM computer algebra activities
  • the Alpha Mathematics Teachers’ Guide – for use with data projectors and interactive whiteboards, featuring interactive versions of the printed texts that include teacher tips, answer links and resources such as simulations and Blackline Masters to be used with the textbook.





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