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Mathematics and Statistics for the New Zealand Curriculum-Focus on Level 4
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Mathematics and Statistics for the New Zealand Curriculum-Focus on Level 4

Mathematics and Statistics for the New Zealand Curriculum Focus on Level 4 is an all-new textbook designed for secondary students who need support in achieving Curriculum Level 4, and can also be used by intermediate students.

Written by leading New Zealand educators, Focus on Level 4 caters for a range of learning styles and abilities with it considered and student-friendly approach to language and illustrated design. A strong focus on foundation level questions allows for immediate success, helping students to build the confidence they need to extend their learning, while activities and examples of mathematics in the real world provide a hands-on approach to mathematics.

• The statistical investigation cycle of Census at Schools is used in activities throughout the Statistics chapter.

• Many examples and exercises use a problem-solving cycle devised by the authors to assist students in approaching this essential skill.

• Do Now exercises at the start of each chapter test prior knowledge so that lessons can be tailored to student abilities.

• Topic introductions encourage students to use different strategies when looking at concepts and approaching problems to suit their own learning styles and abilities.

• Worked examples include explanations and strategies to develop and encourage mental computation, which allow students to work through examples again at their own pace.

• Working Mathematically investigations place mathematics in 'real world' contexts to help students understand the relevance of what they are learning.

• Enrichment activities and puzzles provide opportunities for students to extend their learning or challenge themselves when they have experienced success.

• Literacy support throughout the text includes Practising Language puzzles and activities, and vocabulary lists with words students should know (English and Maori).

• Chapter summaries, Summaries of Key ideas and review questions consolidate understanding and help with revision.

If you order this product you will receive the following components:
Print Textbook: delivered in full colour print.

PDF Textbook: a downloadable PDF version of the student text that enables students to take notes and bookmark pages. The PDF textbook can be used in class or as a reference at home. To access the PDF textbook, simply register for a Cambridge GO account and enter the 16 character access code found in the front inside cover of your textbook


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