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Sigma Statistics (4e)
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Sigma Statistics (4e)

Completely updated to reflect recent changes in the New Zealand Curriculum, Sigma Statistics has been reorganised to provide full coverage of the NCEA Level 3 Statistics Achievement Standards.
To reflect the intent of the new curriculum and the new Level 3 Achievement Standards that now allow students to take a ‘statistics only’ course in Year 13, we have titled this new book Sigma Statistics rather than Sigma Mathematics, the predecessor title.
New features: 
• Bootstrapping – new statistical technique for developing informal confidence intervals for the median, and mean 
• Randomisation – new statistical technique for assessing the significance of experimental results 
• Seamlessly integrated with the new iNZight and Visual Inference Tools (VIT) software 
• Numerous new and updated datasets for time series, bivariate data analysis, statistical inference and experiments 
• Wide-ranging selection of statistically based reports – all in one place! 
• Full coverage of experimental design – the types of blocking, controls, treatments, means effects and more! 
• Specially commissioned new apps – a boxplot generator that superimposes the informal confidence interval, interactive apps for exploring the effect of parameter changes on the binomial, Poisson and normal distributions 
• Risk and relative risk 
• Inclusion of discussion about deterministic and probabilistic models 
• New simulations 
• New interactive spreadsheets


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