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Mental Maths Workbook 3
NZ $10.95

Mental Maths Workbook 3

Mental Maths Workbook

Lower Secondary

Mental Maths Workbooks is a series of three two-colour workbooks suitable for Lower Secondary students. The workbooks support any mathematics program as the activities cover all strands – working mathematically, number, algebra, chance and data, measurement, and space.

Each workbook provides a structured daily program of practice and consolidation for an entire year. Each workbook has 40 weeks of mental mathematics – four days of questions for each week, with 20 questions for each day. Each column of questions includes a space at the bottom for recording daily scores and calculating the percentage. An accompanying teachers guide provides answers and supporting information.


three developmental workbooks of mathematics concepts
two-colour presentation
comprehensive coverage of all strands of mathematics
opportunities to practise and consolidate mathematics concepts
a structured daily program for a complete year
a recording space for each day
an accompanying teachers guide with answers and supporting information


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