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Delta Mathematics (3e)
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Delta Mathematics (3e)

his brand-new and completely revised third edition of Delta Mathematics is closely aligned with recent developments in New Zealand mathematics education. The content has been carefully revised in line with best teaching practice, and expanded to respond to changes in the curriculum and assessment. Delta Mathematics covers all eight of the NCEA Level 3 Mathematics Achievement Standards.Delta Mathematics includes groundbreaking and balanced coverage of critical-path analysis, a new area in secondary mathematics, and incorporates:
  • critical-path method (earliest and latest start and finish times)
  • the backflow algorithm
  • scheduling, with both unlimited and limited processors
  • allocation of tasks, with priority lists based on critical times and decreasing times.
All the topics in Delta Mathematics are accompanied by a large number of well-balanced questions, graded in difficulty, to reinforce students’ understanding and build solid foundations for future learning. Many investigations, applications, spreadsheet activities and puzzles help to make the underlying mathematics more interesting and relevant. Full answers are provided.
Delta Mathematics is part of a comprehensive package that comprises:
  • textbook
  • workbook
  • online resources



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