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Numeracy NCEA 1 by Gwenda Hill
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Numeracy NCEA 1 by Gwenda Hill

Numeracy skills are an everyday requirement throughout life. Numeracy for NCEA Level 1 helps students learn and reinforce, through practice, the skills they will need to achieve the numeracy standards 26223, 26226 and 26227. While these standards may be assessed in a variety of curriculum areas, the skills must first be taught and learned in the Maths classroom.

Included in the book are:

  • information to support the student when attempting the exercises
  • hundreds of problems to enable students to gain confidence to apply numeracy skills in a variety of settings, such as Science or Technology
  • a matrix for each standard so that the student can maintain a record of their progress towards achievement
  • activities which can be used to enable students to demonstrate their competence in these numeracy skills in an appropriate context
  • basic skills that students who generally finds Mathematics difficult should gain. This may enable these students to proceed to NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards.
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