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Fast Track 3
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Fast Track 3

Fast Track 3’ is a write-on student workbook that provides a comprehensive study programme for students wishing to sit any combination of the following NCEA Level 1 Mathematics Achievement Standards :

AS 1.1  -  Apply numeric reasoning when solving problems.
AS 1.2  -  Apply algebraic methods
AS 1.3  -  Investigate relationships between tables, equations or graphs
AS 1.5  -  Solve measurement problems
AS 1.6  -  Apply geometric reasoning
AS 1.7  -  Solve measurement problems involving right-angled triangles
AS 1.10 - Investigate a given multivariate data set using the statistical enquiry cycle
AS 1.11 - Use the statistical enquiry cycle to investigate bivariate numerical data
AS 1.12 - Demonstrate an understanding of chance and data

'Fast Track 3' is best bought at the start of the school year and used throughout the year as a homework resource. Alternatively, the book may be used as an independent study resource for use in the lead-up to internal and external assessments.

‘Fast Track 3’ has 188 pages and covers NCEA Level 1 standards worth a total of 33 credits. It features a statistics chapter which fully explores the Statistical Enquiry Cycle. Instruction boxes and worked examples appear on almost every page and help students with independent study. At the end of each chapter there is a valuable revision test which can be used by candidates to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses before assessments. A full set of answers is included, which can act as a guide to structuring quality answers. Sigma has now perforated all pages so that homework assignments can be handed in while work is ongoing and the answer pages may be retained by the teacher if desired.

Once completed, ‘Fast Track 3’ provides a useful set of study notes at assessment time. It should be kept as a reference book if students intend taking a Year 12 maths course.

Download Sample Pages HERE


Chapter 1   -  Numeracy                                                                      (AS 1.1)
Chapter 2   -  Algebraic Methods                                                         (AS 1.2)
Chapter 3   -  Relations, Equations and Graphs                                  (AS 1.3)
Chapter 4   -  Measurement                                                                 (AS 1.5)
Chapter 5   -  Geometric Reasoning and Right-Angled Triangles        (AS 1.6 & AS 1.7)
Chapter 6   -  Statistics - Bivariate & Multivariate Data                        (AS 1.10 & AS 1.11)
Chapter 7   -  Chance and Data                                                           (AS 1.12)



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