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New Zealand Mathematics  8 Numeracy Project
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New Zealand Mathematics 8 Numeracy Project

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This Third Edition has been revised to include specific reference to numeracy strategies. In particular it provides exercises that directly relate to the various strategies outlined in the Numeracy Professional Development Projects books.

Notes are provided on each strategy and these are backed up by exercises that practise each strategy. The main areas are in whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratio and percentage, with some work on algebra. Teachers should ensure that they are familiar with the specific learning outcomes for each strategy as outlined in the Numeracy Projects books and that the necessary teaching is completed before setting the tasks given in this book.

By using this textbook, teachers will be saved many hours of preparation and photocopying to support their specific teaching programme – but it is not a one-stop numeracy course. It is intended to support classroom work where teachers will need to teach concepts and strategies using equipment and hands-on materials.

The New Zealand Mathematics series is one of the most popular series in use throughout the country. It offers comprehensive coverage of mathematics from Year 6 through to Year 11. Each book is accompanied by an interactive Student CD. The objective is to ease the workload for teachers by ensuring that objectives from the curriculum are covered and to help foster and develop the mathematical talent of students.

Chapters introduce each topic, and there are plenty of clear worked examples and graded exercises. Many chapters contain activities relating to calculator and computer work including spreadsheets. Each chapter ends with a review allowing students and teachers to assess progress.

Investigations and activities are to be found throughout the book catering for the mathematical processes of problem solving, developing logic and reasoning and communication of ideas within the five major strands.

An accompanying Teacher CD is also available. It contains a time-saving Test & Exam Generator which helps teachers to produce assessment sheets rapidly. Questions can be selected from the bank of over 1200 questions to create customised printable tests and exams. As questions are selected, the fully worked solutions (not just the answers) are automatically selected on a separate printable answer sheet.

We have endeavoured to provide a broad a base of activity and learning styles in this book, but it should not be used as the sole resource for teaching.


Age: 12

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