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National Curriculum Mathematics Level 3 Book 2
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National Curriculum Mathematics Level 3 Book 2


New Zealand mathematics textbook for age 10

·         National Curriculum Mathematics by M.J. Tipler and K.M. Catley is a series of books written specifically for the New Zealand Curriculum.
·         This is the first of two books which cover all of the level 3 material.
·         On pages 8 to 17 you will find the Achievement Objectives and suggested learning experiences for Level 3. Beside is written the chapter for each book that covers that particular Achievement Objective or Suggested Learning Experience. Those which are only covered in Book 2 have just Book 2 written beside them.
·         Each book has the work arranged in the strands Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics. Work from the strand Mathematical Processes is incorporated throughout other strands. The material is arranged in strands to enable a student or group of students to work at different levels in different strands.
·         These books are a comprehensive resources for both students and teachers. They cater for a wide range of teaching and learning styles.
·         They adhere carefully to the content and objectives of the National Curriculum.
·         There is a through and careful development of each topic. Questions within each exercise or activity are carefully graded to build pupil confidence. The development of skills and understanding has been a priority along with the use and application of these skills.
·         The mathematics is relevant to everyday life and wherever possible practical exercises are included. Attention has been paid to the recommendation that mathematics should be taught and learned in the context of problems.
·         There is an excellent balance between tasks which develop knowledge, skills and understanding and those which develop the ability to tackle and solve problems. Many activities do both. Wherever possible, activities are written as open rather than closed tasks.
·         These books encourage the use and understanding of technology.
·         Each strand begins with revision of the work from previous levels (suitable for pre-testing) and ends with a review (suitable for post-testing).
·         There are review questions at the end of every skill developing exercise (suitable for homework).
·         There is a range of activities, all of which are related to the topic being studied. These include ‘Think about this’ exercises, Investigations, Practical Exercises, Puzzles and Games

Age: 10

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