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Beta Mathematics (2e)
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This edition of Beta Mathematics has been written to meet the current requirements of Level Five Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum.

  • The content has been arranged to match the three curriculum strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics.
  • Throughout the book the examples and exercises follow the spirit of the Numeracy Project, with plenty of activities where the mathematics relates to students’ own experiences.
  • The Statistics chapters now feature coverage of the Statistical Enquiry Cycle.
  • The Trigonometry chapters now include the traditional and popular SOH-CAH-TOA approach.
  • Beta Mathematics 2e takes maximum advantage of a full-colour design, carefully planned to engage students and keep them interested. Thousands of full-colour diagrams, photos, cartoons, tags and icons help bring the mathematics to life.

Beta Mathematics 2e has been produced to fit a variety of learning approaches. In many cases appropriate technology can be used: Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), spreadsheets, and ordinary scientific calculators.


Beta Mathematics (2e)

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Age: 14

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