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Autograph Version 3.3.10 Extended School Site Licence
NZ $1,950.00

Autograph Version 3.3.10 Extended School Site Licence

Autograph is a complete dynamic environment for the secondary and college level mathematics classroom, offering teachers and students alike the opportunity to bring the subject to life through the manipulation of dependant, selectable, mathematical objects.  Autograph supports plotting in all three dimensions and operates at two levels: 'Standard' (with a much simplified interface) and 'Advanced'

Statistics and Probability (1D)

Data entry, grouping into frequencies, histograms, cumulative frequency diagrams, box plots, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling, central limit theorem, exporting table of statistics.

2D Graphing

Scatter diagrams:  Cartesian, parametric and polar graphing; differential equations (1st and 2nd order); coordinate geometry; vectors; transformations; matrices; animations; unique slow plotting mode; animation of constants and methematical objects.

3D Graphing

Coordinate geometry: points, lines, planes surfaces, vectots cross product, intersections, Cartesian, parametric and polar graphs.  Dynamic transformations of solid shapes with full camera and lighting control.

FREE 30 day trial available

This licence entittles you to unlimited users plus teachers and students on and off site

Also available hot off the press from the UK two new exciting activity books.

Autograph Activities Teacher Demonstrations

Autograph Activities Student Investigations

Congruency: Side-Angle-Side (SAS)


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Autograph Activities Student Investigations

Autograph is an excellent tool for investigation, and mathematics is at its strongest and most appealing when students can embark upon such journeys of self-discovery.

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