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Autograph Activities Teacher Demonstrations
NZ $129.39

Autograph Activities Teacher Demonstrations

The fifteen Teacher Demonstrations will allow you dynamically to introduce, review, extend or illustrate important topics, or concepts in ways not previously possible.  They are intended for use on an interactive whiteboard or by means of a digital projector.

The demonstrations are presented in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner, complete with full colour screen shots, suggested questions and prompts, thus allowing even a first time user to feel confident enough to deliver them.

Topics covered include: Introducing Volumes of Revolution; Discovering the Chain Rule; and Things to watch out for when Intergrating.

This book will unlock the wonders of Autograph, and one thing is for sure: you will never teach these topics in the same way again.

This books includes a CD with the following features :

  • Black and White and Colour PDFs of Autograph "Handy Hints and Tips"
  • Copies of all Autograph files used throughout the book
  • Black and White and Colour copies of the two interactive Autograph tutorials
  • 30 Day trial version of Autograph

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