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Autograph Activities Student Investigations
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Autograph Activities Student Investigations

Autograph is an excellent tool for investigation, and mathematics is at its strongest and most appealing when students can embark upon such journeys of self-discovery.

The ten activities are designed to allow students to fully utilise Autograph's power to explore, investigate and ultimately understand concepts at a depth which the normal classroom setting would not allow.

Areas covered include vectors, differentiation, integration and trigonometry.

Students are equipped with the tools to learn, and then encouraged to set off alone on their epic quest for answers.

This books includes a CD with the following features :

  • Black and White and Colour PDFs of Autograph "Handy Hints and Tips"
  • Copies of all Autograph files used throughout the book
  • Black and White and Colour copies of the two interactive Autograph tutorials
  • 30 Day trial version of Autograph

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