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AWS Level 1 Statistics
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AWS Level 1 Statistics

1.       List of Statistics Objectives: Table of ‘in-class’ Worksheets/Objectives covered
2.       Table of Contents: ‘In-class’ Worksheets/Links to BSM activities
·         Sorting Animals
·         Understanding Tables
·         Sorting Cards and using Tables
·         Sorting Shapes and using Tables
·         Understanding Tally Charts
·         Creating Table Charts
·         Creating your own Table Charts
·         Understanding Pictograms
·         Creating Pictograms
·         Creating your own Pictograms
·         Understanding column graphs
·         Creating column graphs
·         Creating your own column graphs
·         Understanding probability words
·         Using probability words
·         Understanding probability scales
·         Ordering events that could happen
·         Finding possible outcomes
·         Finding more possible outcomes
·         Simple probability
·         Teacher notes
3.       ‘In-class’ Worksheets Masters
4.       Teaching Notes
5.       Table of Contents: Homework/Assessment Worksheets
·         Sorting animals/sorting 2D shapes
·         Understanding tables/using tables
·         Understanding tally charts/using tally charts
·         Understanding pictograms/drawing pictograms
·         Understanding column graphs/drawing column graphs
·         Matching probability words
·         Ordering events/probability scales
·         Finding outcomes/simple probability
6.       Homework/Assessment Worksheet Masters
7.       Worksheet Tracking sheets for teachers to record pupil names/worksheets covered

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Age: 6

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