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Sigma Statistics Workbook
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Sigma Statistics Workbook

Sigma Statistics Workbook has been completely updated to reflect the current requirements of Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It contains a huge array of exercises that are linked to the corresponding Sigma Statistics. This makes it easy for teachers to choose, and students to remember, homework, extra practice and revision exercises that match what has been done in class. In order to provide a comprehensive package that covers all fourteen Achievement Standards, Sigma Statistics is complemented by Sigma Statistics Workbook.
This workbook can be used alongside any mathematics textbook, and contains the worked examples, content summaries, and real-world, in-context problems, investigations and puzzles that David Barton is famous for – encouraging all students to gain and demonstrate a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts at NCEA Level 3.
The CD contains spreadsheets and worked examples from Sigma Statistics so students can read additional explanations at home.



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