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AWS Level 5 Geometry
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AWS Level 5 Geometry

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Exploring shape and space
Within a range of meaningful contexts, students should be able to:
·         G1 – use the angle properties of parallel lines and explain the reasoning involved
·         G2 – apply the symmetry and angle properties of polygons
·         G3 – use the angle between a tangent and radius property, and the angle-in-a-semicircle property
·         G4 – construct right angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, circles, simple polygons, median, mediators, altitudes, and angle bisectors
·         G5 – find an unknown side in a right-angle triangle, using scale drawing, Pythagoras theorem, or an appropriate trigonometric ratio
·         G6 – make isometric drawings of 3-dimensional objects built out of blocks
·         G7 – solve practical problems which can be modelled, using vectors
Exploring symmetry and transformations
Within a range of meaningful contexts, students should be able to:
·         G8 – recognise when 2 shapes are similar, find the scale factor, and use this to find an unknown dimension
·         G9 – use the symmetry and right angle properties of polygons to solve practical problems
·         G10 – use and interpret vectors which describe translations
·         G11 – Identify and use invariant properties under transformations

Age: 14

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